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Systems and Accreditation

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering accurate results and maintaining high-quality standards on each project.  South Qld Soils (SQS) has robust management systems in place with a strong focus on continuous improvement. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve on the strong foundations our team has built over our 25-year history.



SQS maintains third-party accreditation for our Quality System in accordance with the Quality Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. We are committed to ensuring the continuous accuracy and quality of all our work and have dedicated practices in place to implement this into each of our services.

We also hold accreditation with the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA). As Australia's national laboratory authority, NATA provides world-recognised accreditation for laboratories, inspection bodies, calibration services, producers of certified reference materials and proficiency testing scheme providers. This standard stringently measures SQS’s competency to undertake testing, calibration, including sampling through all standard, non-standard and laboratory-developed methods.

NATA accreditation means that the project testing and investigations SQS provides to its clients are of the highest accuracy and standard possible in the industry. We strive for excellence across all quality, administrative and technical operations management systems in accordance with NATA requirements.



SQS is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.  We strongly advocate a culture of personal responsibility and encourage safe awareness and behaviour in all activities. SQS complies with all relevant legislation, codes of practice and industry standards and maintains third party safety accreditation AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management Systems.



At SQS, our people are the key to our success.  We are committed to giving our staff the best opportunities to enhance their skills individually and as a team. We encourage continual feedback and have a full-time trainer located in-house dedicated to the learning and development of our people. SQS has created a culture of learning where staff work together and take responsibility for their development. This has enabled us to develop a steadfast team of specialists delivering outstanding results for our clients, time after time.



SQS is mindful of the significance of maintaining our cultural heritage.  We work with specialist consultants, regulatory authorities, interest groups and the local community to manage and protect cultural heritage sites from any potential impact to the landscape. Our staff remain sensitive and respectful to cultural heritage considerations and any activities around these sites will be carefully managed in accordance with the relevant legislation and best practice.



We are proud to be part of the communities we live and work in. We are locally based and endeavour to give back to our communities as much as possible. With a rural network of locally-based professional staff, we are committed to the development of these communities. We are pleased to provide a diverse range of continued support for charities, local business and community events. We are embedded in the local communities through the employment of local staff, contractors and suppliers.



SQS is dedicated to the identification, implementation and promotion of best practice environmental management systems and operations. Wherever possible, we seek to prevent, or otherwise minimise, any adverse effects of the company’s operations on the environment. We understand that each project is unique and examine each individually to address and comply with statutory and regulatory obligations and community environmental standards. We work closely with our employees, contractors, suppliers, clients, the community and relevant authorities to ensure each of our projects comply with statutory and regulatory obligations while meeting our clients’ expectations.